Another Summer, Another Disposable Camera

Some of you might have seen my post a few days ago about the disposable camera I carted around with me in the summer of 2016.

Well, guess what? I did it this summer, too. And I actually think they might be BETTER than last year.

It’s been so nice to look back over my summer, at memories I had actually forgotten, and remember how happy I was and what a wonderful time I had. With a new season upon us, getting these developed has provided me with some much needed reminiscence, and has brought a smile to my rainy day.

Take a look and tell me what you think 😉


My brother and Dad at my friend’s Great Gatsby themed 21st.



The birthday boy, me and the birthday boy’s brother.



A terribly un-flashed photo of my boyfriend stuffing his face in his Gatsby attire.



Taking a well-needed break to the beach from the busy city of Dublin.



Visiting home.



A rare moment of sunshine on the Irish coast.



Heading back to Volterra, Italy, where we had our first date.



Dublin’s Botanical Gardens.



Blinded by the River Liffey.



Scrimping and unwilling to fork out for a restaurant: eating bagels and dips by the river.



Me and my spiky friends.



The sun setting over the river Era, Pontedera.



Sweating to death in Tirrenia!
I had six more photos of my boyfriend and I in Italy, my brother moving into college and house parties, but unfortunately I haven’t yet learned the right time to use the flash so they are terrible quality 😦 lesson learned for next time!

X ❤

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