IKEA Home Improvements

I have a love-hate relationship with both IKEA and my apartment. I love IKEA because it’s basically a huge warehouse of home-porn, and I hate it because it takes so bloody long to walk around and I just want to buy everything (even the stuff in the children’s section – SO CUTE). 

I love my apartment because it’s cute, quirky and convenient, but I hate it because it’s cold, damp and the blinds suck. You can read the full list of things I dislike about this place and how I’ve tackled them here.

Our 12 month contract ends on the 8th of October and we were wrestling with the idea of moving. We viewed a few places and it was going to be FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS just for administration fees, even before we’d put a deposit down. Pair that with the stress of moving and we decided to stay put and invest that money into making this place more comfortable.

So we hit IKEA. And here’s what we bought.


This throw was entirely my decision. It was £15, and my boyfriend is so resolutely practical that he always resists buying anything decorative, but I shoved it in the basket anyway.


I love it because it’s mustard, and it goes so well with our bedding, which is all grey or white. 


We also got some blackout curtains, which my dad and brother kindly came to put up last night. Only £20 and £5 for the curtain rail! Our landlord probably won’t be too happy with the holes in the ceiling, but I’m not too happy freezing to death and being woken up by the light each morning so… she’ll have to get over it. Also please excuse the dirty window, as I’ve mentioned before NO ONE cleans the outside 😥


We have absolutely no storage space in our bathroom (not a single cabinet!) and this horrible brown bookcase came with the apartment. We bought six of these little boxes and, completely by chance (but probably because the bookcase is also IKEA) they fit perfectly 🙂 Three for £8 wasn’t too bad either. 


Finally we got some of these little storage trays for the bathroom ledge. We each have one and keep all the stuff we use every day in there, as opposed to having it all over the ledge. Makes life so much tidier!

We also got some under-bed storage, but I didn’t think that was interesting enough to merit a photo. It’s made us feel so much more organised, though!


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